Ambient Music for Ford in Kena

Ambient Music for Ford in Kenya

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Ambient Music for ford in Kenya was a milestone in the recording history of the Bellerophon. While most certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, or easy going, the music retains a certain organic power so often missing from much of what we hear around us. Recorded in a clean but cramped environment using minimal processing, the Bellerophon have managed to capture a rarely heared and raw sound from thier various synthesisers and other sound sources, at times becoming distressingly dynamic. Beyond the immediate sonic qualities, listening within the soundscapes reveals a sea of emotion. Anger, joy, fear, nostalgia, silliness, you name it it’s in there. The sounds of frustration are also evident as shown on the eleven minute opening track Mondeo where the band documented unsucessful attempts to garner radio play from the BBC. Other notable highlights include the infamous Mr Rusty, described by some as the sound of the thoughts of sad old motor car dumped in a river while children frolic all around. The significance of Kenya, and the Ford theme though rather impenetrable is perhaps best revealed by the track Africa thriving, Africa driving so we will leave you to make your own minds up about that one. After that why not relax with a nice bit of According to my Heart (in-car entertainment).
We hope you enjoy this extract from the Bellerophon vaults.


1 Mondeo
2 Cortina
3 Mr Rusty
4 Fiesta ("Reveal" re-mix)
5 Transit van
6 Africa thriving, Africa Driving
7 Undelivered spare parts
8 Spastic Fanny's Sierra
9 Capri at rest
10 Zodiac
11 Probe
12 According to my Heart (in-car entertainment)
13 Grapes